woman-sunrise-happiness-315x200Health Freedom Network is dedicated to delivering the best in cutting-edge information, purveyors, and products for those who wish to lead a holistic, natural, healthy lifestyle!

We are committed to bringing uncensored, unfiltered, and unadulterated multimedia content to help you stay informed, broaden horizons, and, hopefully, break new intellectual ground.  We aim, daily, to educate, entertain, enlighten, and empower in ways most media channels do not.



At its essence, the Health Freedom Network exists to bring you the practitioner & infothat will help you with 3 areas of health:


  • Your body’s structure and alignment,

  • its chemical/nutritional balance,

  • and your mental/spiritual/energetic state.


These are the building blocks of holistic health, and balance in these areas leads to optimal health and longevity.  Everything we do and everything we disseminate revolves around, and from, these concepts.



MikePicHealth Freedom Network was started as a vehicle to promote natural health and wellness news, research, and the practitioners who America should know!  Founder Mike Noonan explains why he is on a personal mission to discover and distribute holistic health info, vet natural health experts, and promote them and their ideas throughout America:

“My father died from the treatment of his esophageal cancer in 2005.  In 2009, my 49-year-old cousin, an absolutely beautiful and vibrant soul, died from the off and on treatments of her breast cancer over the course of a decade. I was profoundly affected by witnessing their sickening declines as a result of the ‘scorched earth’ treatments they received. “

Mike was particularly chagrined at care the supposed “world class medical experts” gave his father at one of America’s most lauded hospitals in Chicago.  “My father died of an infection as a result of his surgery.  About 10 days after his major surgery to remove his esophagus, he took a serious turn for the worse.  He spent about 36 hours laying in the ER at this prestigious institution due to a computer problem which made it impossible, we were told by bureaucrats, to admit him.  This, from the alleged world leaders in so-called ‘Primary’ care.  His surgeon stopped by on his way out the door for a week-long vacation.   Surely this doctor could see that the fever had to have been caused by the sutures he himself had stitched in his chest mere days earlier.  I watched, dumbstruck, as this man merely grinned and patted my father on the shoulder and promised he’d look in on him when he returned from his vacation!  What followed was a week-long medically-induced coma my father never emerged from.  In that week, hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent on intensive care and trials of new gadgets and machines on him that were ghoulishly accompanied by tours of medical students and interns – standard protocol, we were told, at such a ‘teaching’ hospital (We eventually halted this charade parade, insisting staffers at least maintain my father’s dignity if they couldn’t save his life).  The doctors, meanwhile, seemed, at times, paralyzed to do anything about this infection, as they were afraid to “bother” this surgeon on his precious vacation nor do anything which might incur his wrath upon his return.  I pray you will never see your loved one treated as if he is some “bother”, and treated as a pawn in some political game by people who seem to have a diminished sense of duty or empathy.   I knew then and there that my father’s blind faith in these institutions and experts that society props up without question had been ill-placed,” Mike says.


The Institutional Failings of Western Medicine?

In the years that followed, Mike was all too willing to write off his experiences at that hospital as an isolated incident – that is, until he witnessed his cousin absolutely depleted and eventually extinguished by years of the most common forms of treatment for her breast cancer.  “I was astounded at how both of my relatives had been rushed into the typical treatments of chemo, radiation, and surgery by their supposed ‘experts’.  I believe their doctors displayed an institutionally-induced inability to think outside of the traditional medicine box, if you will, in order to determine a more specialized path for patients.”

In 2013, Mike learned of more instances of breast cancer in his immediate circle of friends and family.  “These women had no concepts of any ‘alternatives’ and were typically rushed into chemotherapy and surgery within mere days of their diagnoses.  In today’s healthcare system, you get a cancer diagnosis on Tuesday and your chemo treatments begin on Thursday.  You are made to feel pressured, as if any delay could kill you.  People in white coats with letters trailing their name make many people in these situations feel stupid if they don’t fall in lockstep with the prescribed course of action, backed by a dizzying array of statistics and percentages.  Many times, you are made to feel like a victim.  That immediately sets the tone that you are not in control of your situation or its outcome.  You are told that you need to fight, and if you don’t hurry in addressing the symptoms of the problem – be it cancer, or any chronic illness for that matter – you will die.  In many cases cancer is present for years before any symptoms emerge.  Why the rush?  Would it be too much to spend a couple of weeks looking into the full array of philosophies, data, and testimonials?  Trouble is, even if one does keep their traditional docs at bay, the prevailing source of research for most people is to consult a churning  sea of conflicting and confusing information from ‘Dr. Google’ which spits out endless lists and directories of docs, with no real guide or way to know what’s fact and what’s fiction.  That has to change.”

Mike decided it was time to act.


The Mission of The Health Freedom Network

Mike’s mission for the Health Freedom Network is to use a multitude of broadcast and digital channels and methods to publicize and popularize the holistic therapies and philosophies of preventive health and the root causes of dis-ease that are either cutting-edge or long suppressed and marginalized by the establishment in the west.  His primary aim is to make sure that many more Americans and westerners are availed of the experts who can offer them integrative and functional medicine perspectives at a time when healthcare is not only at the top of Americans’ minds, but doesn’t look to be a particularly solvent or effective system in the years to come. Mike and the Health Freedom Network team firmly believe the time is now for so-called “Complimentary” medicine to ascend to equal footing with – and perhaps even become – “Primary” care for millions of Americans who either know or will come to see how costly it is to be sick and how enriching a preventive care approach to health can be!


The Making of Health-Conscious Media

“WE WILL NOT REST until millions of Americans and people throughout the west and around the world at least have access to holistic health information, when they need it the most, and, most important, access to the experts from a variety of specialties that largely are unknown, uncelebrated, and undiscovered among the majority of westerners.  I don’t want another friend or associate to tell me they had ‘no idea’ an osteopath or naturopath could help them with an illness.  I don’t want another person to ask, ‘What in the world is Ayurveda, or how can acupuncture or a holistic dentist help me?’  Knowing what I know – and I’m no expert, but this entire mission is about finding, vetting, and promoting those who are experts – I couldn’t live with myself if I let another loved one get a serious chronic illness diagnosis without making sure they knew there are people outside of the mainstream with bona fide track records and an astounding cache of success stories bordering on miracles.  These experts use techniques that many or most western-trained medical doctors will never even consider or present to patients.  In fairness to many of them, they themselves might not even know about holistic tenets, therapies, or their benefits.


Helping America, Westerners, and People Across the World Connect With Natural Health Experts

Health Freedom Network will be America’s most powerful conduit between patients and holistic practitioners.  The time is ‘now’ for the terms Functional, Complementary, and Integrative to be known, explored, and promoted in America.  I have four children and a wife.  I can’t let them live in a country where good health is a commodity to be enjoyed only by certain classes, elites, politicians, or “haves”.  America once was known to be a country of certain inalienable rights.  Access to affordable, natural health across a broad spectrum of modalities should be one of them.  I intend to do what I can, using what skills and experiences God has given me, to get the word out about holistic health.  People can decide for themselves if it’s right for them.  But I can’t live in a place where it’s some big ‘secret’.  People can choose for themselves and their families what’s right for them!  Now that’s change I can believe in when it comes to healthcare!

I hope you’ll join me on this journey of discovery!