When Natural Treatments Seem to Fail

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thinkingI have friends with cancer. You have friends with cancer. You might even be getting treated for cancer right now. We’ve all lost dear loved ones to this dreadful disease, and with all certainty, many more friends and family will receive this diagnosis in the near future. But sometimes, suggesting to them to even consider alternative treatments (or second opinions) as opposed to mainstream medical treatment for their cancer could get you ostracized. You might be met with anger, hostility, and sneers to even question the prescribed course of treatment. Alternative cancer treatments are frequently used only as a last resort because people either don’t understand alternative treatments or have not heard of them before.

In his article in NaturalNews.com, Paul Fassa talks about why natural cancer remedies sometimes fail. According to the article, those who seek alternative methods of dealing with cancer have a much greater chance of surviving cancer without any adverse reactions or side effects. As an old saying went: with herbal medicine, the disease can kill you; but with allopathic (mainstream) medicine, the treatment can kill you.

But sometimes the cancer survival rate drops from 80-plus percent with alternative natural means to 50 percent or lower. Along the way, mistakes are made. Here’s what to avoid:

(1) Rushing into mainstream treatments first. When diagnosed with any type of cancer, patients are pressured into starting treatments immediately or face imminent death. The types of cancer that are that threatening, such as pancreatic cancer, are beyond repair within mainstream medicine anyway. So why rush?

The prospects of total recovery with natural methods are reduced considerably by mainstream oncology’s harsh “heroic interventions.” You have time to research what’s best for you. If you’re clueless or confused about what’s out there, try the Cancer Tutor.

(2) Not changing to the “cancer diet.” All processed foods and beverages should be shunned completely. Organic plant foods should be the dietary staples. One should also stop eating meat, for the most part, especially red and processed meats. Refined sugar and refined carbohydrates create the perfect food for cancer cells’ survival.

The pancreas delivers proteolytic enzymes that are used to break down animal proteins, and they can also break up cancer cells. Why waste them on animal flesh that’s probably loaded with toxins from factory farm abuse?

Read about more mistakes in the complete article HERE. Becoming bolder in communicating what we know about alternative treatments can only help, not hurt our loved ones.

Please note: Health Freedom Network does not provide medical advice. Please do all necessary diligence on any medical or health service provider before, during, and after consulting with them.  You alone are in control of your health and wellness!

Source: http://www.naturalnews.com/049722_cancer_treatment_natural_remedies_common_mistakes.html


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