• How do you promote my practice and me?

    When you join the Health Freedom Network, we help you find more patients through two (2) methods: Content and Advertising.

    Content includes:

    • Radio Shows in your city, across the country, and around the world!
    • (Searchable) Podcasts on iTunes and mobile podcast apps like Stitcher Radio!
    • Social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Digg, Reddit, Delicio.us, and more!
    • Videos on Youtube!
    • Videos on Facebook, Instagram, and more!
    • Articles on HealthFreedomNetwork.com – created using your interview!
    • Emails to our database of tens of thousands of subscribers driving them to your interview + article!
    • Mobile messages to our growing database of text subscribers!

    Advertising includes:

    • Paid search ads on Google, Yahoo, and Bing!
    • Display banner ads on websites and mobile apps!
    • Display banner ads on Facebook!
    • Boosted Facebook posts and Sponsored Tweets on Twitter!
    • YouTube Customer Match campaigns targeting our email subscribers!
    • Video ads on Facebook!
    • Video ads on YouTube!
    • Facebook Custom Audiences campaigns targeting our email subscribers!
    • Retargeting campaigns around the web and on Facebook targeting visitors to HealthFreedomNetwork.com!

    We use a two-pronged strategy to drive patients and attract patients.  The advertising drives patients to your listing, and the content not only drives patients but it also attracts organic traffic – patients searching for your specialty using keywords online!  Additionally, the content serves to give you, the Health Freedom Network practitioner, and all of our participating practitioners, credibility.

    Here is the true power of the Health Freedom Network:  As you know, it would be very expensive for you to pay for all of this on your own.  The ads and the content creation + management could easily cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars every year in personnel, etc.  In addition to our decades of marketing experience, we have seen that not many health practitioners have the kind of time it takes to do all of this, either!  But since we’re combining the investment and the visibility of you along with many other practitioners like you, and using a centralized team of producers and managers here at the Health Freedom Network to serve you and many other practitioners simultaneously, it’s more affordable and far easier for us than it is for you to market yourself on your own!  Each practitioner is helping drive and attract the traffic and raise the visibility & credibility of each other practitioner in the Health Freedom Network!  United we stand, divided we fall! We have the team, experience, acumen, and the tools + techniques to do all of this for you very effectively and hassle-free!

  • What tools do you use for my benefit?

    In addition to our website, HealthFreedomNetwork.com, we use:

        • Highly effective email marketing to our list of 12,000 health subscribers!
        • Pay-per-click ads on search engines and social media!
        • Display ads online and in print!
        • Video ads and content on YouTube and other sites and apps (and your interview made available for you to use on your site (we’ll even help you embed it if you need us to!)
        • Podcasts on iTunes and other sites and apps!
        • Local radio commercials and local long form radio shows!

    We promote our website on those advertising channels and we also use a toll-free phone number so people can call – 24/7/365 – to find you if they are more comfortable with that method than searching online. We also promote a mobile shortcode in our campaigns so people can text for info about you. Once they call or text, we can follow up with them periodically to ensure they found you!

  • What is The Health Freedom Network?

    We believe that within 36 months ours will be the most popular search and promotional tool in the world for practitioners of natural, holistic, non-allopathic medicine and health. We will be for so-called “alternative, complimentary, integrative, and functional medicine” what Angie’s List is to contractors or what Healthgrades is to allopathic doctors.

  • How many patients/clients will you send me?

    Great question!  Here’s what we know for sure:  We know that Health Freedom Network has had tens of thousands of people opt-in for health email newsletters since its inception in 2009. We know our website has been featured on one of the world’s most listened-to radio shows, Coast to Coast AM. We know our sister product, Pacific Rim Omegas, has brought in six figures in sales from being promoted on one radio show in 2009 – and continues to make sales daily because of it!  We know our sales and marketing techniques work and work very well. But, as with anything in life, there are, of course, no guarantees.  As our, ahem, friends in the Pharma might say, “Your Results May Vary.”  However…

    For most practices, if your exposure on Health Freedom Network brings you just one or two new patients, their lifetime value to you will mean that you’ve come out WAY ahead on your $24.99 investment as a Premium Practitioner!  We project that you will receive several dozen new patients per year (and even per month in time!) from your listing here.  Remember, time is your friend:  You’ll see more patients the longer you’re with Health Freedom Network.

    Remember, if you’re a featured practitioner your listing lasts for at least one year.  When you’re a Premium Practitioner, your listing lasts for at least one year, but the audio and video interview we create about you lasts on iTunes, YouTube, Facebook, and many other places forever. We are projecting that we will spend more than $1,000,000 on web ads and other media to promote Health Freedom Network practitioners like you!

  • What if I want to appear on multiple pages?

    Of course if you spend just $24.99 per month (per listing) to be found on a page or three as a Premium Practitioner, it’s probably the best spent money you have ever invested!  However, if you want to appear on more than (4) pages , please contact us and we will give you a special rate on your purchase.

  • Can I purchase a listing for more than one (1) year at a time?

    As you wish!  Please contact us for your special discounted rate!

  • Who started Health Freedom Network?

    Health Freedom Network was founded by Mike Noonan in 2009. He is a married, father-of-four and a longtime media & marketing executive who found he had a passion for natural health and wellness after losing two family members in ’05 and ’09. Both, he believes, had their deaths hastened by myopic, cookie-cutter allopathic care. He vowed he would apply his skills and energy to helping people across North America and around the world gain easier access to natural health experts of every type. He found that while there is no shortage of referral channels for western medicine practitioners, so called “alternative” medicine has no “Healthgrades”, and certainly no dedicated digital and broadcast marketing platform to connect patients with practitioners. In 2013 he set out to create such a referral service.

  • Are you affiliated with any government agencies or corporations I should be aware of?

    Are we a subsidiary of Merck? LOL, Nope! Health Freedom Network is wholly owned by Revolutionary Media Group, Inc. Mike Noonan is the sole founder and President of RMG and founder and sole-owner of HFN. In addition to HFN, RMG also owns the omega 3 brand, Pacific Rim Omegas. RMG helps small businesses around the world with web, audio, and video creation, digital and broadcast marketing strategy, and business consulting. In that capacity, Mike has worked with many natural health practitioners, author-experts, and health and fitness experts beginning in 2009, which led him to form the Health Freedom Network.