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fengshuiHere’s one description on how clutter affects a person (me):   The mental pressure builds and builds (who isn’t busy?). Sometimes so slowly and stealthily it cannot be detected. It may take weeks, months, sometimes years.  Breathing becomes perceptibly labored (am I getting sick?). Finally, I blow up. Not literally, mind you, but something, something awakens in me. Perhaps I tripped on a misplaced book on the floor one too many times, but it’s usually something that would not normally send a person into fits and tantrums. I embark on a de-cluttering spree. No mercy is given to objects once thought to hold sentimental value. Garbage bags of “treasures” collect for the donation truck to pick them up. After that, freedom. Bliss. Mental clarity. New found ENERGY!

I ran across this timely article in naturalhealth.com which describes Feng Shui. I’ve never practiced this Chinese art, but there may be something to it since I personally feel energized after cleaning out the house, rearranging furniture, and getting rid of excessive amounts of, well, stuff.

If you are looking to re-energize your health, finances, or love life, start by redecorating your home. According to the Chinese art of feng shui, the qi, or life force, of your house feeds your energy and affects your wellness. And when it’s blocked—by clutter or poor placement of furniture, for example—you may be thwarted in your attempts to improve your relationships or professional pursuits, says Joey Yap, author of Joey Yap’s Pure Feng Shui (Cico, 2008). “People come to me wanting more prosperity, creativity, and romance,” says Jayme Barrett, author of Feng Shui Your Life (Sterling, 2003).

A rejuvenating, nurturing home environment is one in which the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water are in balance. You can achieve this without major renovations; simply follow our guide to begin transforming your home today.

feng shui your LIVING ROOM  

Cull your bookshelves often. “Keep only the books that inspire you,” says Barrett. “Holding onto everything just depletes your energy.” Leaving space on your shelves can also open you up to new ideas. And make sure your floors are clear; if they’re cluttered, they’ll drag the room’s energy downward.

Decorate mindfully. “Surround yourself with objects that symbolize your passions—this acknowledges and energizes what makes you special,” says Barrett. Choose lively décor that’s important to you—like mementos from travel, says Barrett.

READ MORE here. Peaceful breathing to you, have fun decluttering, and I wish you happiness!

Source: http://www.naturalhealthmag.com/green-living/revitalize-your-home

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