Trick? or Treat! Alternatives to Sugary Treats

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pumpkinIn the very near future, it will be time to hand out treat bags to the multitudes of individuals ringing doorbells and uttering the password, “TRICK OR TREAT!” Not content to just hand out a boring old lump of chocolate (who wants that anyway?), I love to fill small sticker-adorned zippered plastic bags with various goodies. When dropped into an orange plastic pumpkin tote, the satisfying “thunk” when it hits the pile is music to my ears.

Don’t tell anyone, but I also hand out “tricks” to the naughty kids without them knowing it was me. When analyzing their loot later in the evening, more than one kid has found a pile of rocks mixed in with the mountains of sugar.

What are some child pleasing alternatives to dole out instead of the usual extremely sugary candy this Halloween?

Choose better sweets. Hand out sugarless gum and lollipops made with natural sweeteners like Xylitol ( or stevia. Or give out individually wrapped cookies sweetened with fruit juice rather than refined sugar. All are available at natural food stores.

Toss in toys. Pencils, erasers, small plastic figurines, and other nonedible items make good trick-or-treat prizes. Buy ones that come in bulk so you’ll reduce packaging waste.


What will be in my treat bags this year? Snack sized popcorn bags, spider rings, stickers, nickels, and finger traps. Who doesn’t love a good trick? The possibilities are endless!

What do YOU plan to hand out this Halloween to all those adorable and scary trick or treaters this year?



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