• Mammograms have been the leading tool for early detection of breast cancer for decades. However, despite a breast cancer rate that has continued its steady climb, woman, amazingly have not only began to openly question the test, but mammofacts_cover-772x1024outright avoid it.
  • Many women report that mammograms are humiliating and, at best, uncomfortable, and, at worst, downright painful.
  • The medical and research communities, meanwhile, have been quietly struggling with the issue of mammograms for many years as well, and the debate over the efficacy of mammograms is now reaching a tipping point. Studies are now showing that mammograms might not be the as useful as they once were thought to be in detecting breast cancers.
  • Research is indicating that mammograms are leading to false-positives, and, therefore, unnecessary treatment that is harming women.
  • Moreover, the one-size-fits-all approach of mammography is not helping younger women, whose breast density makes the test less effective for them. Perhaps the worst news of all: some researchers are starting to posit that the low-level radiation of mammograms may actually be causing cancer!

In the eBook The Mammo Facts: The Truth About Breast Cancer, Detection & Prevention, authors Lisa Lau and Mike Noonan take a look at mammograms and the research and expert analysis on both sides of the issue: The faction that refutes their usefulness as well as the data that supports them as a diagnostic tool. She also will introduce you to some testing methods that millions of women around the world are beginning to turn to such as themography: A non-invasive, non-radiation, safe and pain-free test that many say is superior to mammograms in every way.

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