Health Freedom Network Practitioner Directory Is Unveiled

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CHICAGO – The Health Freedom Network Practitioner Directory has been unveiled to connect consumers with a host of natural health practitioners and service providers in their area.  It is the brain child of Health Freedom Network founder, Mike Noonan, who says providing people with access to natural health information, service providers, and world-class health products has been the overriding goal for the Health Freedom Network since its formation in 2009.

“I have long dreamed of the day when people know exactly what and where to turn to when they seek so-called ‘Alternative’ or ‘Complimentary’ or ‘Integrative’ health info. The fact of the matter is there is no one, leading, central aggregator for this info.  With the many billions of dollars allopathic medicine spends on marketing, consumers are totally left on their own many times to find health practitioners who operate outside of the realm of ‘drugs and surgery’.  Obviously we hope we can change the game in that regard and counterbalance the lopsided playing field when it comes to natural health and wellness.”

Chicago is the first Health Freedom Network Directory outpost, which is natural, since the Health Freedom Network is headquartered there.  However, Noonan says expansion plans to cities across North America in early 2017 are in full swing.  From there, he says, plans to grow the directory to Australia, Europe, and South America will be realized in 2016 and 2017.

The directory is supported by a number of online and offline marketing strategies.  “What good is this amazing resource if people don’t know it exists?” Noonan says.  “In Chicago we’re using radio, social media, and search engine marketing along with a few other techniques to spread the word about this with both consumers as well as practitioners.”

There is no charge for consumers to search the directory, and practitioners can list their businesses for free as well at

Noonan reveals the next logical step in the growth of the Health Freedom Network is branching into events. He hopes the first Health Freedom Network public event will happen in the fall of 2017.



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