Fresh Quinoa Salad–Moroccan Style

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quinsalad“She’s back to cooking quinoa for dinner,” the family grumbled. By now, the dish that once thrilled was the dish that brought chills. Something had to be done, and quickly. Thankfully, I ran across this Moroccan inspired salad that will be sure to tempt a few taste buds and get this grain back in good graces at the family dinner table.

Full of vibrant color, fresh produce and great protein, salads make the perfect light lunch or dinner and always lead to smiles. Fresh ingredients are full of health-supporting vitamins and minerals, and contain living enzymes which help assist our digestion .

GO HERE FOR the recipe. After you make it, let me know how you liked it!



Photo credit: katerha / Foter / CC BY


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Lisa enjoys pina coladas and gettin' caught in the rain (and songs by Rupert Holmes it appears). She also home-schools her pharma-free children in her spare-time and has been known to extoll the virtues of cooking with quinoa a little too loudly at her local organic farmer's market in far west suburban Chicago.
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