Junk Foods–Are They Killing You?

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loopsThis is a busy time in your life. Who has time to make three square meals a day from scratch? Who is willing to do such a monumental task as this in this day and age? Not so long ago, a generation or two ago, it was the norm to have everything we consumed as homemade.  It was most certainly a lot more work, but it was also a lot healthier than what we choose to eat in this day and age. Sure, it’s much more convenient to buy prepackaged foods and to not have to even leave our vehicles in order to put fuel into our bodies. But what is the true cost of convenience? And just what is in those prepackaged foods and how are they prepared?

Many foods are processed in some way, peanuts are churned into natural peanut butter, gourmet cheeses are made from milk, and homemade bread is made from a recipe. But there’s a difference between mechanical processing and chemical processing that creates so many dangerous junk foods like chips, candy, soda, fast food, and cookies. Processed foods have a host of added junk that’s downright crappy for you. In fact, over time processed foods can make you fat and sick too.

Sara Novak of Naturallysavvy.com has compiled a list of reasons why processed food is hurting you:

1. You can’t stop. You won’t stop.

Processed foods often contain sugar or worse, high fructose corn syrup. Both are a nasty use of calories that deplete your body of nutrients. But high fructose corn syrup actually makes so you can’t stop eating. Consumption of high fructose corn syrup slows the release of leptin, the hormone in your body that tells you when you’re full. Basically, you can’t stop munching until it’s too late.

2. They contain dangerous preservatives.

If your favorite foods have a shelf life that’s a decade long, it’s reason to be nervous. Often times, preservatives make this possible and some of the preservatives we depend on to keep fats and oils in junk food stable are also possible carcinogens. The preservative BHA for example, “is reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen”. Yikes.

To read Sara’s complete article and more reasons not to eat processed foods, CLICK HERE.

For a list of “make ahead” healthy meals, CLICK HERE. We can both do better in our eating habits, one meal at a time! Happy and healthy eating!

Sources: http://naturallysavvy.com/eat/5-reasons-processed-foods-are-killing-you


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